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How do I get started?

Simply contact us and we will set an appointment. Basically we come to your flat to get the keys and some information. After that we will take care of the rest!

What are the requirements of the apartment?

There are a few things we will need to make sure things run smoothly. A wireless internet connection is an absolute must. We will also require four sets of keys (two for your guests, one for cleaning and one for check-in personnel).

How does it work with the laundry?

Towels, a bath mat, and sheets are provided for your guests. Please do not leave other laundry in the apartment, as it may be misplaced.

Do you handle payments?

We do not handle guest payments nor deposits.

How much involvement do I have after you start managing my apartment?

Usually, you have no active involvement unless you want to. Our service covers the communication with the guests to get them settled into the apartment, cleaning, and all other normal tasks we have without needing any feedback from you.

In the case that there is a problem that needs repair or replacement, we can notify you of this. You are free to decide at what amount you would like to be informed before we act. For example, if you decide 50 Euros as an upper limit, and a  40 Euro toaster needs replacement due to wear and tear, we will simply order that toaster for you and send you the bill for it, super easy. If however that toaster was dropped and broken, we will inform you immediately so you can deal with the deposit as necessary.

If there is a necessary repair that is not optional and not the fault of the guest, such as a broken window, we will immediately call the appropriate professional to make the repair, and we are acting on your behalf in the situation to make sure it is done right. We charge 10 percent of the money we paid out on your behalf. If it is determined that the guest was responsible for any damages, they will be responsible for the payment of the repairs.

What happens when I want to use my apartment?

You will find your apartment all ready to go as your guests would find it. Please let us know when you plan to be in the apartment so we can make sure not to rent it for this period, and that it will be cleaned at the end. Please note, this cleaning is not included, and will be charged extra depending on the size of the apartment.

Are there any extra charges?

With the exception of extra cleanings or any extra errands you may need us to do for you, there is no charge for our service unless your apartment has been rented out. If you do not make money, we do not make money.